March-June 2020 – COVID19 and Social Distancing

College Hill Community Church

In March 2020, rumors and then facts concerning the dangers of COVID19 came to Ohio, and suddenly schools were closed for the rest of the year, and it was suggested that churches close, too. College Hill Community Church has respectfully remained closed since that request, but nothing holds us down! During this pandemic and social isolation, our AV Ministry has risen to the occasion. Week by week, our small team has managed to become more adept at posting on-line worship services for our congregation and for others. For a few Sundays, we posted archived worship services on our FB page, College Hill Community Church – PCUSA, Then we attempted our first live-stream service with Rev. Dr. Williams giving the first virtual communion in our church history. Now we intermingle pastors who are pre-recording their sermon for showing on Sunday, or live-stream with good success. We’ve also joined our friends at Trinity Presbyterian for two of their recorded services. And our congregation has responded well. Slowly, our congregation has rallied and embraced electronic communication. The even more exciting news is that many others have began following our FB page, so we are reaching a larger community with our message.

Also during this time we have been without a pastor with Rev. Dr. Darryl Young having to retire suddenly for medical reasons. Despite the shut downs caused by COVID19, we are happy to announce that Rev. Dr. Merritt Worthen will be joining us in July 202 0 as our Pastor. Please look for more information on our website and FB page from Rev. Worthen as she begins her leadership with College Hill Community Church.

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