The Mission of the College Hill Deacons is to minister to members and friends in need, to the sick, friendless, and those in distress.  Our deacons strive to be shepherds to the flock.  The Deacon Board meets once a month.  Deacons often assist  the pastor  with worship services, communion, and follow-up with first time visitors.  The deacons provide a small gift to newborns when they are baptized, and provide prayer crosses to those seeking prayer, or who have medical concerns such as surgery. The Deacons seek contributions for the Benevolence Fund, and when able, assist members who need minor financial help. Please contact the pastor if you are a member and you might be interested in serving as a College Hill Deacon.

Current Deacon Board

Class of 2022: Paula Drake, and Larry Jenkins

Class of 2023 – Ruth Bragg, Jan Brecht, and Melanie Monzon

Class of 2024 – Pat Townsel and MackArthur Lakes

Did You Know…

Each Deacon has a shepherding list of members to pray for and to serve as spiritual support in times of distress and celebration.  Please contact the church office at (937)278-4203 if you’d like the name of your Deacon; however, feel free to share a concern or good news with any Deacon.  All Deacons are available for prayer and smiles.