Worship & Music Mission

The mission of the Worship and Music Ministering Unit is to facilitate the congregation’s worship experience in a way that exalts God and creates space for dynamic worship.

The Worship and Music Ministering Unit works to ensure that worship is a meaningful expression of thanks and praise to God for all participants. Responsibilities include arranging special services, conducting periodic evaluation surveys, and introducing changes to enhance the worship experience and meet the needs of the congregation.   The unit also enlists ushers and communion preparers and provides education related to the purpose and meaning of worship.

Worship & Music meets the first Tuesday of every month at 5:00 pm via zoom.

Current Members:

  • Brenda Brown
  • Susie Grierson
  • Kathy Lakes
  • MackArthur Lakes
  • Judy McCray
  • Larry Hollar, Chairperson
  • Ivy Young, AV representative